CAL Laptop Policies Agreement

CAL Community Laptop Policies Agreement

Student Agreement:
___ I will bring my CAL issued laptop to school EVERY day that I am in attendance.
___ I will not use the CAL issued laptop for non-academic purposes (games, downloads,
chat rooms, instant messaging, viewing websites not related to the assignment, DVDs,
etc.) during school (8:00-3:30).
___ I will charge CAL issued laptop’s  battery daily and will NOT loan out the laptop, power
adapter, cords, disks, or software to other individuals, and know that I will be issued the
same laptop each year.
___ I will transport the laptop in its CAL-issued protective bag.  The laptop bag should be
securely closed before transporting the laptop to another location.  I will not add books
and supplies to the laptop bag, since undo pressure on the laptop may cause damage.  
If I must leave the classroom, I will leave the laptop with the teacher.
___ I will keep the CAL issued laptop off the floor where it could be stepped on or tripped
over.  I will keep food and beverages away from the laptop since they may cause
damage to the computer.
___ I will not use the laptop on the bus.
___ I will not disassemble any part of my CAL-issued laptop or attempt any repairs.  Should
a key pop off the keyboard, I will bring it to the Help Desk to be reattached.
___ I will not deface the CAL-issued laptop or the laptop bag in any way.  This includes, but
is not limited to, attaching stickers, marking, painting, drawing or marring any surface of
the laptop or bag.
___ I understand that regulations have been addressed in the student code of conduct to
emphasize that obscene language and/or materials, including music, screen savers,
backdrops, and/or pictures are prohibited.  If such items are found, I understand that my
CAL-issued laptop will be immediately erased (re-imaged) and I could face disciplinary
___ I understand that my CAL-issued laptop is subject to inspection at any time without
notice and remains the property of the district.
___ I will follow the expectations outlined in the Parent/Student Laptop Agreement and the
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlined the the Student Code of Conduct while at school,
as well as outside the school day.
___ I assume full responsibility of my CAL Community issued laptop.

Parent Agreement
___ I will be responsible for the deductible in the event of theft or damage of the CAL-issued
laptop and/or peripherals, such as the power adapter.
___ I will be responsible for the repair or replacement costs in the event loss or damage of
the CAL-issued laptop and/or peripherals and bag is due to negligent or deliberate
___ I acknowledge that my student and I are to follow the expectations in the Parent
Orientation Training. Parent/Student Laptop Agreement, and the Acceptable Use Policy
           outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and that a violation of these guidelines could
           result in the student facing disciplinary action.
___ I will be responsible for monitoring my student’s use of the Internet when he/she is
not at school.
___ I acknowledge that fraudulent reporting of theft will be turned over to the police and
insurance company to prosecute.
___ I agree to immediately return the CAL-issued laptop and peripherals in good working
condition upon request.

By signing the CAL Community School Laptop Policies Agreement, both the student and the
parent/guardian agree to the above terms.

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