Essential Learning Goals

January 11, 2012

CAL Community Schools Essential Learning Goals

The CAL Communities believe it is essential that CAL Community School Students:

Live self-directed accountable lives

♣ Demonstrate a strong work ethic
♣ Identify and apply appropriate problem-solving strategies
♣ Express positive self-concept that fosters inner motivation
♣ Determine goals, set priorities, and evaluate progress
♣ Define life and career options based on strengths and interests

Communicate Effectively

♣ View cultural and life experiences with an open mind 

♣ Listen attentively
♣ Speak effectively
♣ Read with competency for information and pleasure 

♣ Write clearly

Process and apply knowledge and academic skills

♣ Demonstrate competency in the basics including technology, communications, and the arts 

♣ Apply complex thinking skills
♣ Demonstrate knowledge of historical and contemporary contributions of diverse populations

Effectively apply personal life skills

♣ Demonstrate practical life skills
♣ Make choices that promote healthy minds and healthy bodies
♣ Practice healthy personal, professional, and other societal relationships 

♣ Participate in activities that enhance the quality of life

Work and think independently and collaboratively

♣ Manage behavior and time to complete the process
♣ Brainstorm options and utilize available resources
♣ Consider other options and agree to disagree respectfully
♣ Take pride in personal abilities
♣ Actively participate in and support the group
♣ Demonstrate respect and appreciation for individual and group differences

Behave as responsible members of a global society

♣ Show understanding, tolerance, and compassion of others and their beliefs 

♣ Take responsibility for personal actions and their consequences
♣ Behave in a manner that demonstrates respect toward the environment
♣ Organize time and other resources in order to accomplish a productive goal 

♣ Are informed and involved