Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Find the menus for each month below. Hampton-Dumont-CAL menus for the Middle School and High School are also listed for students who may be Whole Grade Shared. Menus are listed by building as each menu may be slightly different to meet the dietary requirements of the students in that building. The menus will update as changes are made. If you have questions regarding the menus please contact the Kathy Zobrist, Child Nutrition Director, at 641-456-4300.

Meal Price Information

Below are the meal prices set for 2024-2025.


Student Breakfast: $2.10

Adult and Guest Breakfast: $2.85

Student Guest & Second Meals: $2.85


Student Lunch: $3.20

Adult and Guest Lunch: $4.85

Student Guest & Second Meals: $4.85


Breakfast Second Entrée: $1.75

Lunch Second Entrée: $2.25

Extra Milk: $0.60