Open Enrollment is the process that allows parents/guardians residing in an Iowa school district the option to enroll their children into another Iowa school district if space allows under the terms and conditions of Iowa Code section 282.18


There are two deadlines (March 1 and September 1) that must be kept in mind when considering applying for open enrollment.

  • March 1: Deadline for regular open enrollment applications for the upcoming school year. There may be exceptions to the March 1 deadline which are based on “good cause.”
  • September 1: Deadline for prospective kindergarten students. 


Students who move out of the CAL Community School District who have completed grade 10 may continue to attend school in this district without applying for open enrollment.


Families of students who live outside the District must arrange for transportation to school or arrange for transportation to a CAL school bus route.

Athletic Participation

Students who open enroll into grades 9-12 must wait 90 days before participating in interscholastic contests at the varsity level. For questions of eligibility, contact the Iowa High School Athletic Association at 515-432-2011.

How to apply for open enrollment

1. Obtain the application available below.

2. Complete the application.

3. Return the application by the deadlines to the district where you currently reside and the district in which you seek enrollment.  

We ask that you return the completed Open Enrollment Application to:

Amanda Heiden, Board Secretary, CAL Community Schools, 1441 Gull Ave, Latimer, IA 50452

Phone: 641-579-6087 Email:

Office hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm