Art Curriculum

September 18, 2019


The visual arts curriculum for the H-D CAL is designed to meet the needs of every artist levels K-6. The primary goal is to teach the elements and principles of design while creating assorted pieces of art throughout the year. The elements and principles of design include line, form, color, value, texture, perspective, pattern, movement, size, balance, unity and emphasis. Through experimentation in the creative processes students will learn artistic literacy and be exposed to different artists throughout history which allows students will expand their minds visually at an age appropriate level.  Our program wants students’ use critical-thinking processes while problem solving, build creative confidence, learn hands-on skills, develop their own self-esteem and an appreciation of other cultures. Furthermore, students will examine the cultural significance of the arts, and discover ways to become involved in the arts in their community and world. 

Our program follows the National Core Arts Standards. The National Core Arts Standards provides opportunities for students to create, present, respond, and connect to the visual arts.  Students will reflect individually while completing assessments of their own work in various ways, such as, writing artist statements, presenting, or documenting work in the classroom. Each grade level has three-four standards they are being graded throughout the year and those are stated clearly on report cards. In our program we want instill the love for art and enjoyment in creating many types of artwork at every level!