Music Curriculum

September 18, 2019


The purpose of CAL CSD’s music education program is to provide all students with a comprehensive, national standards-based music education. 

The study of music fosters artistic development, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and the pursuit of lifelong learning.  Through performing and responding to music, all students develop individual skills, realize a sense of belonging, and establish connections to the community. 

The objectives for all music students students are: 1. To make music alone and with others. 2. To improvise and create music. 3. To use the vocabulary and notation of music. 4. To respond to music physically, intellectually, and emotionally. 5. To identify diverse musical styles and genres. 6. To identify the role music has played and continues to play in the life of mankind. 7.  To make musical judgements based on critical listening and analysis. 8. To develop a commitment to music. 9.To encourage others in their musical pursuits. 10. To continue musical learning as a lifelong process.